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At Hunwick Engineering we have highly skilled, specialist understanding within metal production.


Through our collaborative approach, we support clients with our design knowledge for bespoke heavy engineering solutions, fabrication welding, specialist metal production and modular construction.


We can provide bespoke solutions to each project specification for our clients.


Our specialist skills and provision provides:


Specialist welding

  • Specialist coded fabrication welding

  • X-ray welding 


Specialist cutting processes

  • Plasma cutting

  • Laser cutting


Specialist punching and drilling:

  • Heavy-duty CNC punching

  • CNC drilling and machining

Structural Fabrication

 Structural Fabrication 

The fabrication facilities at Hunwick Engineering are second to none, from expansive stockyard areas and in-line cutting, fabrication, welding and painting for the largest finished goods storage in the industry.

Metal Welding

 Construction Services 

Integral to our provision to clients is our highly trained workforce, who work closely with the project management team, that utilise the latest equipment on site.

The nature of the work puts a great emphasis on the quality of the people employed, their training, and the provision of modern equipment. Our training standards are high to ensure we deliver an excellent service, along with meeting health and safety standards, we work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure that efficiency and safety are at the forefront of our work.

Construction Project
Construction Services
Contract Management

 Contract Management 

We have a highly experienced contract management team, which is a fundamental part of our track record of successful project completion. Our contract managers engage with our clients and the supply chain to ensure optimum communication and performance in all aspects of the project.

Contract Review
Supply chain & partnerships

 Supply chain & 


Hunwick Engineering works closely with clients and the supply chain. This helps to improve the interfaces between disciplines as we strive to optimise value and performance both now and in the future

Key to the long-term success of any business is lasting working relationships with supply chain partners ensure we provide clients with high value, consistency and reliability.

Modular Construction

 Modular Construction 

We provide modular construction services to clients enabling fabrication offsite, using lean manufacturing techniques to prefabricate. Offering benefits of reduced time and disturbances onsite. Bringing many efficiencies for clients.

Aluminum Supplier


Kings cross.JPG

King's Cross Station

Rises from the ashes with improved escalators. 

stansted airpoert driverless rtain.JPG

Stansted Airport 

Stansted Airport shuttles into the future.


Anglian Water

Hunwick Engineering help Anglian Water to get crystal clear

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