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Hunwick Engineering over the last 100 years has been an integral part of British engineering helping to keep our industry moving.


We work to transform complex engineering needs into the best value safe solutions for our clients.


Our work encompasses complex fabrication, fast turnaround requirements and specialist welding for different project specifications. 


Hunwick's were integral in helping King's Cross rise from the ashes. Our specialist fabrication and welding advanced large scale germination processing within a Brewery.


Shuttling Stansted Airport into the future with switch gears.  State-of-the-art crystal clear water processing at Anglian Water. Manufacturing with our specialist X-ray watertight welding for heavyweight sea vessels.


Hunwick Engineering was intrinsic in fabrication processing to prevent the freeze for Mobile Offshore and propelling the Airship Airlander for many take offs.

King's Cross Station rises from the ashes with its escalators

The infamous emergency re-build of King’s Cross Station called upon our expertise to help turnaround at speed the rebuild of the steel work and trolleys as a fundamental step to replace the previous wooden escalators which had set fire.


Designing and shaping these to the specialist specs and narrow spaces we worked around the clock and were proud to support this important project.

King's Cross Station

Barking 360 Balconies has all the right curves​

Swan Housing NU Living, required unique teardrop balconies to provide the main feature on this 4-tower circular residential project in Barking.

The balconies were delivered to site in a fully assembled modular format, allowing for an efficient and safe installation. This was imperative to reduce the impact in this very busy area and to incur the least disruption to the local environment and community.

Barking 360 Balconies

Canary Wharf Crossrail Station connecting London on time

Canary Wharf required elliptical cladding to concrete columns and beams forming a submarine-like assembly.


All parts were trial-assembled and checked in the factory on a full size steel jig. The various modules were then delivered to site for installation.


All parts had to fit the first time, as there was no room for error, with the workface being 5 floors below ground.

Canary Wharf 2.jpg
Canary Wharf.jpg
Canary Wharf Crossrail Station
Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport shuttles into the future 

Stansted Airport wanted to propel into the future and put in driverless trains to take their passengers to the platforms efficiently. Hunwick’s were approached to use their specialist knowledge to work with and enhance any of the drawing specifications to design and produce the specialist weld-sets to ensure that all the points of the rail switch gears were made to the highest standards.


This pointing work is critical to ensure that the trains would shift and direct passengers to the right location, arriving at the terminals speedily and safely.

Anglian Water

Anglian Water gets crystal clear

For optimal clean water our specialist design and production knowledge was required to help ensure that the water treatment works could create large capacity tanks and jockey wheels, comparable to the size of swimming pools.


The water treatment needed to be able to maintain the filtrated cleansed water and allow the overspill of any debris and waste to be removed ensuring the water was squeaky clean to the highest standards.


We worked closely with the design specifications and enhanced the approach with our expertise of specialist design, heavy engineering, modelling, moulding, cutting and X-ray welding to ensure it was watertight and purged so not to oxidise in the process, to prevent air getting into the water reducing contamination risk.

water treatment by hunwick
Heavy sea vessel.JPG

Sea Vessels 

hefty weight kept afloat

We have experience of larger scale specialist engineering production, working on sea fairing vessels up to 25 tonne requiring specialist skids, flat channels and pipework in stainless steel. 


Imperative in the production is our secialist X-ray welding to ensure everything is fully watertight to the right specifications to prevent any oxidisation and prevent any water entering.


Sea Vessels

Airship Airlander  propelled into the sky

MigMag needed a company that they could trust with the knowledge to work to extremely high specification working on the design and build of stainless steel lined brass ducts and protective casing for the fans of the Airship Airlander 10 to help the airship take off.

Airship Airlander 10.JPG
Airship Airlander

Brewery high quality germination at scale

A brewery required our specialist knowledge and application to create extremely large 13 foot diameter rolls.


We needed to develop these as specialist rolling run offs to high machine tolerance which required water-tight sealing. Utilising our expertise in welding in order to prevent air pockets or contamination within the brewery germination process.


This solution provided a large scale more economical production method to ensure the Barley was washed, cleaned and warmed for germination to the highest standards and reduce any possible oxidisation and waste.

Mobil Offshore

Mobil Offshore preventing the freeze in sub-zero temperatures

Mobil Offshore required Hunwick's expertise to collaboratively design and produce - Skids, spools, pipes and flanges.


The fabrication required that they were traced over, combined with heating elements and professionally covered.


Protecting the platform from the elements -such as freezing sub-zero temperatures and preventing any water oxidation.

Offshore oil rig.JPG
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